Think of A2 Grade milk as a guaranteed standard.


Indian cow breeds produce highly nutritional milk with medicinal qualities to give immunity against various ailments & diseases.

Indian cow breeds, such as Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparker, produce milk which has the high content of A2 grade beta casein protein which has great health benefits.

A2 grade Milk has qualities which protect the human body from cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and migraine.

Indian cow milk provides essential Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, Calcium, and Milkfat in an easily digestible form for healthy growth of children.

Farm Fresh Milk at your door


We cool the milk within 2 hours after milking to 4 degrees Celcius to retain the freshness of milk

Our delivery mechanism ensures the milk is supplied at the doorsteps in farm fresh state

The milk is delivered in Glass bottles with sealing to reduce environmental damage of using plastic pouches and causing harm to our nature


Organic dairy practices followed


The cows are fed fodder grown in our own farms with organic practices without any use of pesticides

The cows are not given harmful hormones and antibiotics such as oxytocin

Cows are free roaming sapce to give them healthy and happy way of living

Innovation recognition by central govt


Our venture is under incubation at a-IDEA, NAARM under the aeigis of Dept of Science and Technology, GoI

We are mentored and also provided technical and financial support by incubator

Visit a-IDEA website aidea.naarm.org.in aidea.naarm.org.in


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